Randy Ruhf of Hunted Dreams Taxidermy's goal is to produce the  most realistic mount possible with your trophy. As an avid hunter and trapper he is familiar with the natural habitat and behaviors of your trophy, which helps him achieve the best possible mount of your HUNTED DREAMS.  

Randy has studied with one of the best taxidermist in Pennsylvania, and is continuously attending in person and online seminars to learning new techniques and processes in order to provide outstanding mounts for his clients. For your prized trophies, only the finest materials including high quality mannequins are used. Working with multiple suppliers he can provide the best selection of bases, pedestals and wall habitats for your customized mount. Randy spends time getting to know his clients and strives to turn their prized trophies into a true masterpiece for home, office or business. Feel free to bring with any pictures from your hunt or any other reference pictures that depict your ideal mount. Randy wants to provide you with the desired mount you are looking for and for you to have an overall great experience. He looks forward to listening to your hunting stories and possibly even checking out options for your next HUNTED DREAM!

In addition to his passion of taxidermy Randy is also an experienced trapper and has a fondness for flat tan hides used for wall hangers. He puts a lot of pride in his flat tans. All tanning is done in house with a true tan. It is his belief a hide no matter how big or small should be cleaned, salt dried, fully pickled, tanned then oiled. This process provides him with the confidence to produce a quality product, that can be easily washed if needed in the future.

Located in Kunkletown  just south of route 209 minutes from Broadheadsville PA.


Deliveries or shipping are available!

PHONE: 610-844-1810